Hyra Shuts Down

Well, as you can see at status.hyra.io , Hyra has shut down for good. Any thoughts?

Well, free services come at a cost to pay.

They also had a DDoS attack,

So, it was expected.

After hyra shutdown, it was like the end of the world for everyone really, I used Hyra for my bots to be hosted, and I used it for my application centre. Now that it’s back up and running awaiting to be released in the summer for a lifetime subscription of $10, I don’t think I will be using it. I can easily host my own roblox ranking bot to Roblox following Cookies tutorial and it’s easy for me to edit then, no logging in or no messing around with a website to try and fix some errors that occur.

In addition to that hyra may continue to have issue after the roblox bots incident.

Hyra had many issues in the past, but I feel they have managed to fix them over the years that they have been running.
Let’s hope they become better when they re-open.

Let’s see if they will be able to get it all working, they will need to have all bots perfectly content-locked with their servers.

Something is happening with hyra…