Hyra - they are back!

Hello Cookie Tech! :cookie:

Hyra is now out, they are approving some groups. Their announcement:

@/here We are now beginning to approve groups. You can register your group on the Hyra app. https://app.hyra.io/ and we will get in touch with you as soon as we are ready for you.

We are slowly rolling Hyra out because every group will receive a hands-on onboarding experience from one of our team. This approach allows us to show you how to use Hyra in a customised way that benefits your group the most.

Thanks for your patience!

I’ve checked out hyra’s login page and the UIs look very clean.

As I said, they are not fully out as their still approving some groups but when I saw the demo, it looked amazing!

What is your opinions on hyra coming back?

All fun and games until you find out it costs almost $120 a year, now x that by the amount of people that will purchase that (Let’s say 36) for this example. $4320 a year, I think that’s more then enough to cover the fees. $400 a year?

That’s 3920 year of profit, now let’s say they need proxies. 3320 profit. Then hiring some staff, staff won’t have to do complex work, 5 members of staff, that’s $10 a month, 600 a year for all the staff. That’s 2720.

They’ll have to pay once for developers to make stuff.

First year: $2420 profit
Second month: $2720 profit

This was all using minimal predictions and I mad everything extremely expensive.

Using good services and finding good deals. You could make $3900 a year , that’s a big cash cow. :cow:

I don’t know if this is worth the price.


Wait what? That’s an insane price that I’m sure most users wouldn’t consider “worth” it.

It’s crazy, it’s definitely overpriced.


You could purchase RankGun Elite for less than 1/10th of the price of Hyra, and RankGun has so many more features. I can’t think of a single reason anybody would purchase Hyra.


They’ve had this ever since they released their waitlist, nothing is new to the login,


The Login Page was there to Join the Wait List, when you log in it should look something like this:

Please please PLEASE dont use hyra.

some more of that well…. stuff i will get silenced for