I don’t know what to play!

Hi! I’m getting bored of roblox games. I got bored from Jailbreak time ago, I only play The Wild West, Bloxburg and Retail Tycoon 2, (apart from my jobs, at OH and SSC). Just that. I don’t like fps games (arsenal, counter blox, etc…). I want a good game. Can you guys suggest me some games?

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The best thing I could say is tycoon games.

Yeah but which? I got bored of Miner’s Haven and Retail Tycoon 2.

Maybe explore something new.

An update to this, you could try playing ER:LC. It’s a very realistic and cool roleplay game, perhaps the second best alongside Brookhaven. The map is pretty decent size and you should be able to play with no lag!

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Yeah, since I made the post I started playing ER:LC, I bought the Bugatti, pretty cool, + RP servers are amazing.

I love ER:LC, I also hate it for some little reason.

Reasons why I hate ER:LC

You ALWAYS get the kids that kill you for nothing, I see this very pointless. I have driving around in my wonderful White Van yesterday killing cops, and then all of a sudden, the toxic kids appear and shoot my van to flames and kill me inside of it.

The tappers. Self Explanatory. They will go round tapping you if you are wanted because they will want to get their XP and their cash.

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Very true, what I hate most are those cuff-rushers, all they want is XP. Partially the reason why I use matchmaking and private servers.

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True. I’m waiting to get access to level 3 of servers, I got up to 2 for now.

Maybe you could play bed wars it’s action game

Yeah I bought barbarian I just need to improve, I click he mouse REALLY fast but I’m bad aiming with sword.

True, though at the moment I’m really frustrated with the new touch controls schemes … :unamused:

You are going to love me for this, I have NEVER played Bedwars…

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Lol. Trust me, the first thing you should do is close the chat menu, a lot of toxic chatting there … and a whole lot of insults.

I would be one of those people to be honest, in my amazing female outfit trolling kids because they can’t win.

Alright, but just remember that there’s a good chance you could get banned for that if somebody has video footage …

That’s the downfall for this, I don’t have a fashion for people that like to record their gameplay just to get people banned. They annoy me the most.

Yeah bro it’s hatefull uhhh pls remove it lol

Yeah, I actually always talk on team, i never got a toxic kid in my games I played, luckily…

Try it. You might like it