I need help with posting images

So basically I know how to post images. But the thing im confused about is that when I upload them and then view my post I cant enlarge the picture by clicking on it. I was wondering how I can have a picture on my post do that? Here is an example of a enlarged picture.

EDIT: So I know I can enlarge it now but that is only because I had it copied. But when I try to upload it from files it wont let me enlarge it.

I believe it may only enlarge a certain amount of time and a variety of factors, may I have your browser?

@cookie My browser is firefox

Okay, can you tell me exactly on which pictures you have a problem with?

@cookie Well, I was uploading a png image of my GFX. And when I uploaded past images of my GFX I also could not enlarge it. Here is a picture I am trying to upload.

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There is no need to enlarge this image, as it’s already displaying at max size.

@Noah Yes I know, But most posts with pictures you are able to click on it and then download it, Even if it is at its max size. Like this one.

On this one you are able to click on it.

Once again it’s at max size and the original image, you can always use right click and save as.

Ohhhhhh, I understand now! Thanks!

No worries, I hope you enjoy your usage of the forums!


| Well, for one thing, the gamfam photo is a jpeg. So that might be an issue.

The image type shouldn’t matter … personally, I haven’t had any issues with image uploading to maximum size, since every image I have is already uploaded with its original size.

I believe if you were to be redirected to the “original image” and then “Save As …” then you would get the downloaded copy of the original image, with its original size.

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