I need help with ranking bot - Unknown Issue

Do I mess with this?

If you want to, then yes.

Ok I dont know where I would find the errors at also it wont let me reply after this message

You need to go to your heroku logs.

I dont know if these are the logs but here

No, they’re not, try researching in the top right for “Heroku Logs”.

Can you try performing a rank task while keeping the page open & then can you send me a screenshot of the entire page please?

Yea I can try that, so you mean go through the application and send you the logs when I am done?

Do you want me to send it to you here or like what because of my API key?

Here you go, just press the button.

Just scribble out your API key.

Alrighty then here they are

This is the logs from the one I just ran

Anything else you need?

Is that the entire page?

Oh you need the entire page

My bad

Here you are

Here it says it’s working.

Do you have discord maybe I can screen share you all my scripts etc

Who are you trying to rank in your group?

I have this alt acc I am using it is at customer rank and I am making it trainee rank