I need help with ranking bot - Unknown Issue

Whenever I use any of the ranking tools, it will say it was successful but it doesn’t rank them. Can anyone help, please?

Welcome back! Can you tell me what ranking tool your using?

Mainly the application center. It will say the person was ranked but it does not rank them.

Alright! One, did you get the cookie correctly?


I think it would be easier to go on discord.

I don’t own discord, I can only talk to you here.

Oh ok my bad so anyways yes I did get the cookie correct

This is the video you watched, correct?

Should I just redo the whole thing?

Yes I believe so let me double check.

Yea that is the one Should I just redo the whole thing and see if it will work?

Before you go thru the pain to do that lets check somethings!

Did you put in the right ApiKey in ApiKey?

And did you put the right AppUrl in AppUrl?

Yes the app url should be /group/rank right?

I don’t think so, it should be your heroku app URL.

I can try that but in the vid I think it said something like that.

You do your app url then /group/rank/

thats what I thought LOL


Make sure you have a slash on the end.

Ik I do have a slash at the end forgot to add it

What’s the error you get on your heroku logs?