I present…. The 100% accurately drawn A380 (Made by AI)


As you can tell, this is really accurate and the A380 100% has… a lot of floors :slight_smile:

Please enjoy this accurate A380 drawn by AI.

Jayne first I though this was off topic, however after wrongness what the Ai drew I wouldn’t call that 100% accurate, the A380 has 2 floors and the windows are a bit off, is there anyway more insight on how the Ai drew the image?

I believe @peter was being a little sarcastic… hahah.

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Okay, so first off I gotta say this airplane looks like it came from the junk yard, mainly because of those smashed wings … :laughing:

Second, the AI seems to think that the A380 is a hotel, because those windows look a lot like parts of an apartment building or hotel.

Overall, though, the shape is still pretty accurate, however the wings and plane belly as well as the general plane body should definitely be fixed by the AI. I would say this is 45% accurate.

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I was being sarcastic, this is 100% inaccurate.

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It looks pretty good considering it was drawn by AI, it’s obviously not perfect but technology isn’t perfect.

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That AI Looks like the Real One! Haha!

Literally no difference!!

I used OpenAI to draw an A380, this is what it created.

“draw an a380 that has a livery of a fish”:

“3d render of a380”:

“Cookie A380”:

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