I used another model for the Cuff system tutorial but now it doesn't work

I added a new model to the cuff system referring this video: Roblox Tutorial - How to make "drag" cuffs for R6/R15 - YouTube that cookie made.

But now whenever I spawn in I click on the player and I can’t move them around because I myself can’t move.

And I made the script so only the people who are in the group with a specific rank get the cuffs but it kept giving others too.

Please give me full fix on this as I am new to cuff systems and scripting.

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Hey! Welcome to the forums, we’re happy to have you here.

I believe this issue is down to the reason that the tool has been created incorrectly. Can you send me a screenshot from the explorer of your cuffs tool?

It works now like I can move the character and myself but the model itself that I put in doesn’t appear and also the cuffs spawn for any team even though I added the same script you said.

Okay, so you need to weld all the parts together. If you want you can send me the model and I can weld it for you.

Can I send it on your discord DMs? my discord is Kingofdome21#2264

No, sorry, you must send it publicly on this thread. If you don’t want to do that then you must weld the tool yourself.

But it doesn’t let me send attachments.
Because I am a new user.

I will manually give bump up your trust level so you can send the attachment.

Go ahead and try now.

ArrestSystem1.rbxm (264.9 KB)

Great, give me a couple of minutes.

Alright, thank you for this.

No problem! By the way next time instead of saying “okay” or “thank you”, why not use the like button?

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Okay, here is the fixed file:

ArrestSystem1_Cookie.rbxm (266.1 KB)

What I did:

  • Using a welding tool I welded all the parts to the handle, this means your tool should now stay attached.

Try now, if this fixed your problem make sure to mark it as solution!

It works but I also said that it doesn’t give the correct team the cuffs even though I scripted it correctly.

You can make a new topic as that’s a different issue! :slight_smile:

Make sure to mark this reply as your solution.

But I said that in the desc.

I used another model for the Cuff system tutorial but now it doesn’t work

This implies you had an issue with just the model.

Ok can you reply to the next one I am making?

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