Ideas on what I should in my training center for my group?

Leave a reply on what you think I should add to my training center and maybe you could use some of these ideas for yourself!


Commands will make your training a lot more sleek & will flow clearer.

Some useful commands can be:

  • !Slock - Locks the server
  • !freeze - Stops people from moving/jumping.
  • !StartTraining - Send a message to a discord webhook, announcing the starting of a training.

Thanks for the idea!!

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I suggest to make like a !view command wich makes everyone view the host so they pay attention.


I will actually add that! Thanks for the idea!!!

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Oh wow! That’s a grat idea! Thanks for suggesting it! I’ll also be adding it!

Make the UI and buttons interactive, organized and use a good contrast to attract more people to your ranking center maybe.

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I will give some ideas!

  1. Big space with windows. If it’s closed people feel uncomfortable.

  2. Relaxing music! I love music when doing an event or being trained!

  3. Doors between main room and the training rooms. “:opendoor”.
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  4. A cool ranking room. I have this on mine. Instead of kicking people, make a room that at the end of the training you do something like “:openrankdoor” and the passers goes there! And some cool congrats music. (I added the Congratulations song from PewDiePie but the song got deleted + the group is closed so I didn’t add any other.
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Make the game entertaining, yes, it should be formal but adding small Easter eggs can make the game so much more interesting. (Just like discord)

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Have a large space with lots of windows, something interesting, a view stage button that will put the players camera at the stage, something quite simple, and something that can help the people grasp what it’s like to work at your company.

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I agree with @cam,

I also having a good colour scheme is crucial.

Training centres don’t need to be too complex.

A simple clean, efficient design will get the job done.

As a beginner I used to make training centres way too big, now I’m better though.

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