If there was only one bot

Hi folks, my name is 25, I am part of the community enforcement team here at cookie tech but I am also a Discord bot developer, server maker, roblox builder and some more…

Today I have a question for you. If you had a Discord server (a community server to be exact) and you could only have ONE bot on your server, which bot would it be? why?

If you wish to answer please follow this format:

Bot: <Bot’s Name and either dashboard url or invite link>
Why I would choose it: < why you would choose the bot over others >

Looking forward to seeing some responses with your opinions, what you like to see in bot’s and some more! Thanks, have a nice day!

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That’s a hard one.

Bot: Phosphorus (Or any bot with many features).

I would choose this as I need a bot with many functions and that can do a lot without being laggy.

Amazing response, but could you be more elaborate, like what are the main features of the bot 'n stuff

Hmm. I would make my favorite cafe! I cannot say the name I don’t wanna try to advertise.

I think a custom bot because then I can just have everything in it.
I say so because then there could be every function in a bot possible on the bot and it would just be so simple.

I think it would get very boring if their was only one bot, it wouldn’t feel very diverse.