If you ever built a game/group how long did it take?

How long did a ROBLOX game that you made take to make? If you want apply images!

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Well, I have built up a group, but it’s very hard to keep a group going, I managed to get the group up to 2k members, I can show you how the game visits changed, at first I updated a lot, later on I updated less and less, then I got less visits & I got less motivated to work on the game.

It took me 11-12 months to get my group to 2k members.

I am also quite happy with the amount of robux I manged to get!

Here are some stats:

I recommend you keep on updating your game, find your community and keep them hook, if you loose too many of your members your game will die & it’s game over.

I will make it clear; once your game is dead, it’s very very head to revive it.

And for how long did it take, this will really vary to all games, no games have the perfect time. :slight_smile:

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I started my ROBLOX group only a few months ago, back in December, and it took time to start developing a proper game; still in the early stages!


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Well I am not that sure because we have some devs that help. But maybe like 1 week?


Wow thats fast, thanks for the help!