iModeration - The better service


iModerarion is used for Content Moderation, just send us an email at your designated email sent. It will look something like this: – do not email

(Put image/video here)

Staff will moderate the content sent within 1-20 mins; depending on the time and availability of our staff.


Staff don’t get payed, as this is voluntary, although we might introduce Payroll at some point. You are required to have paypal when we (might) begin payrolls.


Hmm, you want to apply hey? We have some requirements.

  • Discord
  • 13+

Apply via the forums, just DM me here to apply!

Explicit Content will be auto-marked as NSFW- therefore it will automatically denied.

Cool idea but I have a question.

Content moderation meaning… what?

Where are you guys moderating content and where do you have permissions to moderate content. More importantly. What content are you moderating


Also for a company that is moderating essentially explicit content your standards are pretty low


I’m confused — you’re making a system where you email and get your content moderated in 1-20 minutes? That’s not very effective. What would this even be used for?


Sven, I mean this with all due respect, but you have too many companies. It’s almost one a week.

Speaking from experience, too many companies will get overwhelming eventually, as you have to develop updates for them all, respond to customer services emails and pay your staff. I highlighted pay your staff as it’s important, if they do work for you, they should get get some form of compensation for all the time spent.

Please, I recommend shutting a few down before it comes back to bite you.

Sorry if I used incorrect grammar, I’m tired, but I really wanted to get this point across.