InfiniteX Studios - Important Migration of Servers

Greetings, everyone.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, InfiniteX Studios is a Roblox-based development studio created by me, roughly about a year and a half ago.

Like a lot of development studios, we had a Discord server for our slow but growing community. However, due to so much clutter and disorganization, and especially considering the fact that the server is a year old, I have decided to announce a Discord server migration notifying everyone to migrate to our new Discord server.

InfiniteX Studios is the parent studio of Terrain Synergies, as well as unreleased studios that are still being developed under InfiniteX Studios. Our upcoming roleplay game, Northdrift County and our upcoming panel system Admino, are both registered under InfiniteX Studios. Therefore, we believe it is important to have an organized Discord server where you can communicate and find what you need without difficulty.

Any members of our old server are asked to migrate within 2 weeks to our new server, as the old one is no longer being maintained as of 1 week from now. Users of priority, such as developers and administrators, have been privately messaged to migrate.

Thank you for reading! We hope this change is a step towards a brighter future for InfiniteX Studios and beyond.

InfiniteX Studios - Link
New Discord Server - Link

Last Updated: 7/26/222 @ 7:36pm EST (:canada: Canada)

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