Instance.change error

Hiya I am trying to make a disable/enable jump button, but I keep getting this error and it makes my studio and roblox crash/laggy.


I can’t solve that at the moment, but just saying; you kinda messed up the tags. The description of the Alternative Language tag is as follows: “This is a place for questions and discussions strictly related to alternative coding languages to luau. This includes topics such as Python, VScode & others.” As stated in the quote, it has to be an alternative to LuaU to be able to be in this category.

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Whenever the “human” object moves, it uses the function human.Jump = true, the wait(2) doesn’t affect any cooldowns. Also, doing human.Jump = true does nothing. Get a free model that disables jumping, and have a look at the script to help you; I don’t want to “spoon feed” code. Thanks, hope this helps.

Hey there,

I think I’ve got your problem,
Make a function that disables it, and another one that enables it, and then after your desired code to enable it, just enable the function with a two second delay before you can jump again.

If you would like me to write a script, just reply to this.

Okay, let me try to add the function in. If I can not figure it out I will ask for some more help. :smiley:


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