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InteliHead its a small project of mine. I’m starting my journey with coding so i wanted to make an overhead system! Making it purely for customizing and I wanted to create an AiO OverHead system!

Zrzut ekranu 2024-06-18 160658

It consists of (username), (DisplayName) and (RANK).

Its name is based on
Inteli - Inteligent
head - OverHead

Group based ranking system
Team based ranking system
Ranking system for single devs! (No group)

Development Schedule
1.Group based ranking system
2.Single Dev Based ranking system
3.Team based ranking system(Side part of the project)

This is only a preview of whats about to come!

InteliDevel Official Site

I thought this was your first coding project? But, it looks good! Cant wait to see it when its finished!

Its my first in roblox
(btw that site was made in like 10 mins didnt rlly try)

The website and this overhead looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to see this released :smiley:

Just some constructive criticisim, the font choice isnt the best, is it configurable? What about people who dont have a group and are using it in a solo game setup?

Kind of agree, but you could set the group ID to ‘0’ or ‘false’ and just use it that way?

While getting ranks using 0 errors, and so does false. So it’s really up to the creator on how they handle it, if they do

Yep and i will try to add a single dev option

The work is starting this Saturday so it should be done by August!

Should be pretty neat then if its taking that long :eyes:

I will try to push out as much as i can! It’s my first BIG project! And im lazy🤪

Info Update 1

  • Added Development schedule!
  • Added more bio!
  • Did some grammar fixing!
  • Added a fully functional blog to my Website
    Thats all thank you!

In my opinion I don’t think we need any more “overheads”, we’ve already seen so many releases on the forums and they are not that difficult to implement yourself.

well it’s my first big project and i wanted to show everybody how i make steps into the dev commiunity

Sure, but,

Would you classify an overhead a large project? Getting into the dev community doesn’t just mean making things, it also means contributing to discussion , thinking if ideas and helping others.

Noted! Thank you for some tips!

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HI! Sorry for not responding about this project but… my pc broke… I will try to work on it ASAP when i get my pc.