Introducing… Account Deletion

I am not sure where to place this post, and it is not a forums update, it is a roblox one.

A few days ago, it was reported that a new button has appeared on your roblox settings page.

Unfortunately, it’s for account deletion. This button was reported by KreekCraft, however, don’t worry, it simply takes you to a support page.

If you do or don’t know, a few months ago, a famous developer/admin requested their account removed. Their request was granted, and it is no longer in existence.

A few notes, however.

  1. This is legally required, and roblox can face punishment if not added.
  2. It sends you to a support page (important to note)
  3. Please do not send hate to roblox for this, it’s legally required! :blue_heart:

So, what do you think?


I saw this, and it’s pretty interesting … however the button only redirects you to the Support Page so it didn’t legally change anything except make account deletion more appealing.

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Additionally, account deletion always existed. All you had to do was head to Support - Roblox and submit a “Right to be Forgotten” request. If accepted, the account would be deleted.

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I have waited for ages even since 2017 for them to release this feature, in like 2017 I kept making random accounts for no reason.

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This is pretty needed - they are legally required to provide that, however, if I’m not mistaken, they have 90 days to complete the deletion.


But let’s say Roblox never added it, would people really take notice that it’s legally required to put that button?

The first main fear when this was released, is that kids or hackers may using this button to fully remove the account.

Not necessarily true, sites don’t need a delete button, they just need a way that you can get your account removed, removing your personal details.

For example, you having to ring up a phone number or contact an Email is completely tolerable.

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