Introducing my custom admin panel

Hi, Thanks for clicking on this post!

You may be wondering, what’s is my custom admin?

This is about to answer that.

Introducting Nexus Admin.

The all in one game management system.

Disclaimer. Nexus is currently in beta, meaning things WILL break. Please report any bugs here. Most tabs are not finished either. I’m constantly looking to add new features, so hit me up if you have any ideas!

What does it have?

Nexus Panel currently has the following:
A custom chat filter that will notify staff when profanity is said in the panel.
Staff messages so admins can talk to each other(Because it gets lonely sometimes :frowning:)
Chat logs to check what a player has said(It constantly updates with every message sent!)
Player Management to ban/kick/warn a player for some actions, or if you just don’t like them.
Server Announcements to get your point accross. “We get it! Your an admin!
Moderaton, for those times where you feel bad after banning them.
Server to check on the server and it’s stats.
Player, to really focus in on all players and ban all of them.
game name top bar title.
Really wonky X Button(Please tell me how to fix.)
Funny welcome lines definitly not generated by chatGPT
And much more.

Now for some of the good content,


Chat filter working how it should, using hello as an example flag.

Staff messaging.

Sorry for the relativly short post, I don’t do this often. You can get the panel here!

Are any pictures available??

Hey! I just added the pictures.

The UI could be better, also unfiltered gui chat is against Roblox rules and will cause the game to be moderated


Flagged messages is the only section not filtered. It is deceperated and will be removed soon, since it uses the old chat system.

All chat between staff and chat logs are filtered using filterstringforbroadcast.

Sure! Its “devofficial”

Sure! Its “devofficial”

I forgot too add the reply :skull: