Invisible wall when staff members can go in

How to make that invisible wall for staff, for example only staff members can go inside but customer can’t go in?

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To do this, you can just search ‘rank door’ on the ROBLOX market place an get one, or make one yourself ill give you a quick head-start on making your own script!

local doorpart = script.Parent -- This makes the script know that the parent is the door part. 
local id = 1111 -- Put your group id here
local minimumRankLevel = 10 -- Put your desired minimum rank level here

	if touchPart.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
		local plr = game.Players:FindFirstChild(touchPart.Parent.Name)
		if plr:IsInGroup(id) and plr:GetRankInGroup(id) >= minimumRankLevel then
			doorpart.CanCollide = false

I believe this works, if it doesn’t let me know. As this is a pretty simple script, and you’re new, I thought I would give you a brief explanation besides the code.

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Thanks! I will tomorow setup if don’t work i will text here

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Thank you! I setup and now work

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