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So, I made an Invite for one of my friends to join, And I gave them the link. They made their account! And I made the notification about it. Then they reloaded their page and got the same notification. I’m going to guess this was an error.

I’m failing to understand what the “notification” is. Do you have any screenshot evidence you could provide for me?

At this time it’s not letting me click the Upload button. But it says DogeCaptain accepted your Invitation.

You can try copy & paste, drag and drop.

The button seems to be working for me right now.

I need a picture of the notification from both screens.

When I replayed to this I was on my IPad. I’ll send the pic to you when I hop on my Pc. Also what do you mean by “both screens”?

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I want to see the view from both views! :eye:

Here the pic is:
He only told me that reloaded his page, Here did not take a pic I believe.

I have absolutely no idea how this worked, this seems like a one-off hiccup.

If you can reproduce this issue I can look into it further.

What do you mean by reproduce?

In simple terms: “Get the precise instructions to get the exact same error”.

Warning: Please don’t make multiple accounts for testing, if you want to create an extra account to re-produce this error contact a member from the @admins team, this is so your account doesn’t get compromised.

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