Is AI going becoming dangerous?

With ChatGPT & AI becoming mainstream and AI being the trend of 2023 & 2024 it’s without a doubt that people have had their suspicions about AI.

Even though the largest provider for chatting with AI, ChatGPT, has strict guidelines in place to prevent it from going rogue other certain AI models may not have the same safety measures put in place.

In addition to this, there are still potential dangers with today’s AI, privacy concerns and copyright violations just to name a few.

I would love to hear your opinions on AI and whether you think it has the potential of becoming a dangerous tool. :ear:


I feel like we should take these movies and games about AI into note. For example, Detroit: Become Human and iRobot.

Where as the potential might not be as bad right now, what about in 5 years? Where will our AI be then?

I feel as though yes, AI is very helpful in a lot of ways it should also only be allowed to be improved so much. AI shouldn’t be allowed into Law Enforcement and Military environments, even though they can make split second decisions.

It’s all very hard to think about how far we should let it go before we put our foot down and tell them no.

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Totally agree, I don’t think AI should have the right to choose between human life and there are even many questions raised when for example self-driving cars have to make decisions where the outcome results in somebody dying.

There are many ethical things to consider, an interesting theory I heard was that if the AI thinks it’s doing the best for humanity, it would potentially take control of humanity because humans we’re technically not very good at looking after ourselves or our planet.


I completely agree with the self driving cars deciding on which life to take. A doctor does not have the right to live more than a construction worker.

I’ve heard that theory before, and im pretty sure it’s the basis behind a movie I watched not to long ago (I can’t remember which).

AI is a very interesting concept and whereas there’s a lot of down sides to it, there’s as much good things to it.


Totally, there is so many use cases such as:

  • Education
  • Design & Creation
  • Customer support

I would like to raise an interesting point, I think the AI generated art is really terrible, I feel like it’s really easy to tell the difference between AI and human art and I don’t think the same sentiment and feeling is portrayed through the AI compared to a human.


Yea that’s a very valid point regarding AI art. When I see art, I like to think about all of the hard work that someone has put into creating it and making it.

With human-made art, you can almost feel the love and see the time put into it.
When it’s made by an AI, there was nothing put into it. There’s no love, no hard work, nothing.

Personally, I want to be able to congratulate someone for taking hours at a time to create it and I like seeing how happy people are for just drawing.


Wow, so AI is a really complicated subject, one that I’m personally still exploring through experimentation, lectures, learning about LLMs, list goes on.

I remember back when ChatGPT when viral not too long ago, people started reacting in different ways — on one hand, you had people praising the capabilities of AI and acknowledging the good that can be brought with it, whereas on the other hand you have those who were instantly fearful that this would become the downfall of humanity.

While AI hasn’t quite taken over the world and “surpass” humanity in thinking and innovation, there are definitely positive (and worrying) signs of improvement, such as the ever increase of LLMs (large language models) and computer intelligence.

Because AI is now a top-subject in the technological and digital world nowadays, it’s worth watching how AI develops over the years, because there’s probably no escape from it anymore and it will certainly influence the generations to come, our workplaces, and more.


I agree, there isn’t any way to stop Artificial Intelligence now. But to say, I am looking forward to see how well it develops.

In addition to all of this conversation it’s not only that AI could potentially pose risks to humanity, but it also has the capability of taking many human jobs so I would wonder how we go around this: For example in the UK many people move from the secondary sector to the tertiary sector.

Would this result in more people in the quaternary sector, who knows?