Is Discord nitro overpriced?

Most of us are aware of the very popular chatting platform discord. This platform handles millions of messages every day and there is a primary communication hub for many developers and uses alike.

One of the things that discord user is to make money, it’s something called discord nitro now discord nitro is lacking to say the least.

For $10 a month. This is barely anything there’s a lot more things you could do with that $10 $10 every month for 12 months is equivalent to $120 imagine what you could do with $120?

I personally believe that the future is provided by discord nitro are completely lacking and the pricetag is ridiculously high.

Many features in discord nitro are basically really used or aren’t even that important how many ways that you can live without the disconnected features

My question for you is discord, nitro a scam or not. I would love to hear your opinions down below.

Is discord nitro a scam?
  • Yes
  • No

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To call Discord nitro a scam in my opinion isn’t proper.

Ofcourse, i for one believe that Discord nitro is overpriced but at the end of the day perks are given to you for the cash which is why it isnt a scam. I for one have subscribed to Discord nitro since early 2020 and I have actually found it helpful for me in some cases. Ofcourse It’s still overpriced but it all depends on how you use Discord. If you’re someone like me, then it’s helpful

Personally, I send longer messages upload larger files and take use of the custom profiles because I use Discord for work related-purposes aswell as to chat with friends.

Like I said I definitely think there should be a reduction in the price but at the end of the Day discord is a business and they need to make money one way or another.


Yes, at least as the users we aren’t getting ads plastered in our face 24/7.