Is it fine to configure some of Cookie Tech scripts?

Ok so, I used his rank center which is great, but I didn’t like when you double click on the gamepass it ranks you, and you don’t know if it did, so I changed a script, so when you double click and you own the gamepass, the text says Ranked! Then goes back to normal. Also, on the application center which is also great, I changed the kick script, if you pass or fail. Is this fine @cookie ?

I’d assume it’s fine; you bought the asset and you can configure it to your liking.

If it’s the Open-Source one that shouldn’t be an issue.

The Open-Source one is the one on the YouTube Channel.

what is the not open source one? @cookie

There is no non-open source scripts to my knowledge.

If you find a script that I specifically say is mine & nobody else should use it & it’s public then don’t use it, but that’s very very unlikely.

mk. :smiley: ty for all that u do

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