Is it just me or are my old games really embarrassing?

Hi. So in my old games I just used free models in ALL my games. The game titles were like;

My testing game! UPDATE NEW ADMIN!
Have some fun with some admin, lol

The game are free to play (If you want to barf). My profile is: imexcited7
Go to creations and the games should be there, go ahead (if you dare).

Everyone’s first games are terrible, just like the first time you tried to walk as a child, you were terrible at walking & drawing, you were terrible.

But as you practice and using it more often, your skills increase making your games less terrible.

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Yea now I look back at some of my archived games (which I must say, I have tons of them), and my games now look better. The only game I am still trying to improve from long ago was my obby.

It can be hard upgrading a fully pledged game, especially if it has a messy workspace and tons of scripts.

Some of my old projects were so messy, it’s almost impossible to upgrade them.

Good luck to you on that! :slight_smile:

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