Is it possible to make a plane where you don’t have to equip a plane to use it?

Recently, I’ve been wanting to make a plane for my game and I was wondering if that was possible. Thanks!

Of course this is possible, however, it might be slightly easier to use a plane kit.

I like to make my game kinda more advanced so is it okay if you could help me?

Yes, definitely, making functional planes are possible in Roblox Studio. The only difficulty would be the overall modelling, but it should be much easier to model than a car.

What do you mean by that?

Here is a good plane kit by Aviaco, if you need a plane kit.

it takes me to a discord

Yes, they sell a plane kit which you can use, its super easy to integrate into your aircraft!

I joined it to check it out, they no longer offer their services.

Oof thx (random text)

Some of the models may still work, they have a free system here.

Hmm … there’s only a script in there;

That’s right, that’s the configuration file, which everything runs from, if you take a look inside there should be a configuration script.

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