Is Roblox Blue becoming a reality?

The Roblox Verified tag is now 100% not going to be paid access. For Twitter blue no matter who you are you now need to pay for verification on twitter.

I’m very glad Roblox didn’t take this route and the amount of children on Roblox is absurd and the amount of scams that could become of this would be unreal.

The criteria to now get a checkmark is expanding to more people. This badge ensures the person who has the badge is the person who has the badge. But it’s very important Roblox does this right.

Maybe Roblox should add a verification option for premium users to make premium more valuable but would this just be an abuse of the system?

I’m not sure - Please do share your opinions down below! :smile:


They’re powering the next generation of scammers imaginations.

Happy that roblox didn’t add that otherwise they would not only inspire scammers, but also would become the next Preston of roblox, Pay to Win.
(Preston is the owner of Pet Sim X.)

(That quote was a little offensive, I’m sorry for people who enjoy PSX.)


Honestly, I’m still very upset with the new verification system.

As somebody who is cautious about sharing any kind of data online, I can tell everyone here that the last thing I’d do would be to share personal ID information with Veriff to get age verified and recieve a blue tick.

This update just reminds me how Roblox continues to neglect startup developers, such as I, who are having trouble especially when it comes to hiring developers, because we’re always overlooked on platforms such as the Talent Hub, the Roblox Marketplace, etc.

I really, really hope that Roblox extends verification ticks to more developers who have games with some player count, because this wasn’t how Roblox was before and it’s becoming harder and harder to become recognized on the platform.

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Right now the verification isn’t based of personal ID information, but it could very much get to that stafe, right now it’s based of your size and relevance to the community.

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