Is Roblox down right now?

In the last Hour, I’ve noticed that Roblox has been super slow.

Open for Images


Roblox is running perfectly fine at the time when you posted this. Also, that image is not the default Roblox avatar, did you just put a custom ‘noob rig’ there?

It is, When Roblox was for in October I had the same avatar. I that’s what I got when I joined as well.

Uh no? It’s working perfectly fine for me. Maybe it was a internet connection problem?

Roblox is working fine for me.

This was a day ago, Most likely they fixed it.

Nothing happened for me

In that case I’m not really sure why Roblox would be down, since you were playing a game at the time … ?

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Could be that the Avatar service is down and the noob rig is a fallback rig.