Is Roblox potentially restricting simulator games?

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You may know — or even play — popular simulator games that exist on the Roblox platform, such as Pet Simulator X and clicking simulators.

From a recent video by KreekCraft, it appears that these kind of games may become banned in some countries and restricted to people of certain ages on the Roblox platform.

What is the situation?

Yesterday, Roblox introduced a new feature to their upcoming questionnaire for the Creator Dashboard that is related to age ratings, a fear for many that may be coming soon but at the same time is needed for the platform.

Simulator games are now being considered as “gambling,” for example when you get enough coins in Pet Simulator X you are able to purchase a loot box, which Roblox considers innapropriote for people of certain ages due to the potential “gambling.” You don’t know what’s going to come out of the loot box, it could be good or bad.

The questionnaire is sort of like a form for the game developers to fill out (currently only available to games with 10k+ visits), and based on what they filled out Roblox will recommend and will start recommending the game to the recommended age group (below 13 or above 13) based on the results.


All in all, this is benifitial for the Roblox platform, however people have been fearing this new age feature for a while now. But, it will help build a better future and healthy life for younger Roblox players, by allowing them to access child-friendly content.

Just found out about this, and that sounds good, in the terms of allowing more mature roblox games.

Yep. But I’m not sure if unverified users on Roblox are exempt to this or not, which is kind of worrying because I’m still abstain on ID verifying.

That’s true—however this is just one more thing Roblox has done that has made the platform less directed toward kids. The platform is intended to “power imagination” and be directed towards a younger age group, They’ve restricted the platform so much that eventually a kid won’t even be able to play Adopt Me, or understand any of the platform. Roblox has continued to go further and further downhill, decision by decision. They started as a way for kids to connect & create their world, or play whatever other game they want. And forever, Roblox has been child friendly in every aspect because that’s the way the company was intended to be. But, even smaller things have began to move people away from the platform, and the less child-friendly updates are causing kids to feel neglected & stop playing. It’s getting ridiculous and Roblox needs to get it together & fix their company.

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Roblox is so much worse than my hairline now.

I like it alot but am worryed about you having to id verify which I DO NOT want to do. Like a game City Of Ottawa has some blood in it so I am guessing it would be rated 13+ from what I see… I love the game but dont want to id verify to play it. Now about sims, I do think the stuff with real money should be taken away, in-game money is fine but irl money should be bannable i feel like.

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Technically, simulators are using real money. Games such as Pet Simulator X charge Robux for opening certain eggs, and those Robux came from real cash.