Is Roblox user "haz3mn" posting useless ads?

Hey everyone!

Recently, I’ve noticed some rather unusual ads created by Roblox user “@haz3mn” on the Roblox platform. That username may sound familiar to you, or you likely know who he is. haz3mn is the founder of the Roblox donation game “PLS Donate” and owner of the Roblox group “Quataun.”

As of yesterday at time of posting, I’ve started seeing multiple ads created by Hazem that appear to be “futile ads” that are published with no meaning and no visible purpose. These ads are pretty much worthless, as it’s preventing other users from getting their ads displayed more often through the ad cycle and it’s probably annoying many users to see a well-known person clogging up Roblox with unnesessary ads.

At this point, you might be asking me “what ads are Hazem creating and how exactly are they worthless?” Below, I will show you a sample of the ads Hazem has been posting, as well as evidence that these ads belong to Roblox-user Hazem.

Here is an example of the ads Hazem has been publishing on Roblox, keep in mind he appears to have published the ad in several color variants other than purple (such as orange and blue), which again, is just simply filling up the ad slots for no good reason at all;

An example of the recent ads Hazem has been posting on Roblox.

Of course, no good argument comes without evidence. For the sake of digging into this, I proceeded to click the ad only to find out that it leads to a random group created by Hazem, as seen below;

A screenshot of the strange group created by Hazem, AKA where the ad redirects.

A screenshot that proves the ads are by the real Hazem, who is also known as the founder of the Roblox group Quataun and “PLS Donate.”

In conclusion, I find this ad posting activity both very unusual and interesting, as Hazem is spending Robux on ads that clog up the ad cycle system and people are already beginning to turn this into a “revolution.” I’ve already encountered a few ads that say Hazem won’t take over Roblox with ads, etc.

What are your views on this? Interested to hear your responses. :wave:


I don’t think this is as big a deal as you’re making it seem.

It’s most probably just a small statement or even a joke turned into a joke war with ads. Hazem has a LOT of robux to spare too so it could just be that he ran out of things to do with his robux lol.


It depends, I wonder what would happen if somebody spends R$100k in adverts and then somebody buys R$20M, will there be enough players to see the 100k advert or would it not be fair?

I wonder if roblox has systems in place for this, it’s something that could quite quickly fly by.

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You would probably see the Higher Ad Much more.

This is Crazy, I got 2 On One Page…

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I don’t really care what he does. It just is for fun, dunno why ur making a whole damn topic over it. It’s not that big of a deal.

Could be considered a big deal if people who pay little money for an advert don’t even have an ad show up.

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I think BigGames got inspired too, I totally agree with the message:

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Its a joke war, as Preston just recently started FLOODING roblox with “#raisedevex” and another random group is going “#lowerdevex.” Hazem was trying to start a Twitter trend I believe and Preston came back with a joke. I’m sure this will all die down soon.

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Yep. (20 charrrrrrr)

Welp, it looks like I was wrong…

It looks like Roblox is losing a lot of money to DevEx and can’t afford to pay developers any more than they already are, also, this has turned into a full-on trend where random groups who want members use the hashtag just with a slight change.

What a crazy thing an attempted Twitter trend turned into. If you want more info, take a look at the video below:

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The video is unavailable, does this mean something has changed or YouTube is just being buggy?

Yes he is posting strange ads but he has stoped, unfortunately big games is now making higher dev-ex ads.


Youtube issue, go to KreekCraft’s channel and watch the latest video.

Is that bad, or good?

Bad, less advertising space for smaller devs.

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I got this one.

Haha, these ads are overtaking crazily, I can see why other people are starting to get annoyed now…

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The presentation experience cares so much about jack. Maybe it’s the class pet… ? :thinking: