Is there any other way to make a gui rotate smoothly?

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted in this topic.

So, recently I have been attempting to make a rotating GUI, but I just cant find a way to make it rotate smoothly. Yes, I have already tried:

while true do
		Frame.Rotation = Frame.Rotation + -1

But honestly, it isn’t smooth at all. Plus, it infinitely rotates. I know I can use:


But even then, its just so annoying. Is there any other way? Thanks! <3

Edit: A lot of you know I kind of suck at scripting, and this would be a literal BREEZE for some of you. I’m not as advanced as the community, but I have been training to!

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-- This code creates a tween (animation) that rotates the GUI object by 10 degrees over a duration of 10 seconds using a linear easing style.

local TweenService = game:getservice("TweenService") -- The TweenService is a service provided by Roblox that allows developers to create and control tweens. 
local Gui = script.Parent 

local tweeninfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear) -- TweenInfo is a class that allows developers to specify the properties of a tween, such as its duration, easing style, and repeat behavior. 
-- In this case, a TweenInfo object is created with a duration of 10 seconds and a linear easing style. 
local Goal = 10 -- The goal of the tween is to rotate the GUI object by 10 degrees.
local Tween = TweenService:Create(Gui, tweeninfo, {Rotation=Goal}) -- A Tween object is then created using the TweenService, the GUI object, the TweenInfo object, and a table of properties to animate (in this case, just the Rotation property).
Tween:Play() -- Finally, the Tween:Play() method is called to start the tween. 

I’ve typed this without testing it so just fix some issues. I’ve added comments so you know what everything does.

IF this fixes your issue mark it as solution.

Hi! Thanks for the response. I will check this out later (since it is currently 9:19 pm)

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It worked! I knew it was something to do with TweenService, but I just couldn’t picture the script. Just quickly noting, where you were getting the service,


The “getservice” part wasn’t capitalized, which I just did a quick fix on this. Not trying to be rude, just stating. But anyways, thank you so much cookie!

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