Is this the funniest Roblox UGC thing to ever happen?

So recently there has been this person who has access to UGC and has been uploading a ton of 3-D models of celebrities faces.

Even though this is funny, we need to remember that this is technically against copyright violations as they haven’t asked to upload saids face.

Personally, I believe UTC is really starting to come out of Archie and Robert should think of a way that they can counter against it.

What are your opinions on this and how do you think Roblox should counter this?


Roblox, what have you done … :man_facepalming:

I can’t handle these ridiculous UGC items, I think it’s fair to say the Roblox UGC Program and the Roblox Catalog have been successfully destroyed at this point. Real faces replacing Roblox avatar faces? Really?

I believe a few days ago I posted an image in the Cookie Tech Discord server with a DevForum user having Elon Musk’s face as their profile picture, it’s really un-Roblox like and it’s pretty much destroying the platform.

But yes, this is funny to see that players were using real faces on their avatars like masks, but it won’t be funny for too long if Roblox’s UGC Program is dominated by potentially copyright breaching images.