Is this the new worst rated roblox update?

For a long time now there has been the talk of introducing a new type of roblox limiteds & also Roblox UGC Limiteds becoming a thing.

But exactly today, we’ve found out that Roblox UGC Limiteds are becoming reality.

What people are most panicked about is that they can make one item every 24 hours. Coming from how many people are already in the UGC program we’re going to see a crazy amount of spam UGC limiteds entering the market.

I fear the most of the spam of items that will be added & it might become like the old clothing store. Some people said it would be more suitable to 1 time a month. Because seeing how many people are in the UGC program it would still be a higher amount.

The fact is these users might not be wrong. What are your opinions and what do you plan to do?

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