Is this too far - Driving Empire Drama

Remember this?

To summarise, it Driviving Empire is owned by Voldex & many people believe ever since voldex has been in control the game has became more p2w.

It got so dramatic & people where actually just trying to get the game banned from Roblox & apparently it’s got even worse.

This all happening over a premium loot box is crazy. I don’t see how this is really solving the issue, I understand how angry people are but I don’ think getting car brands to force to remove their cars from the game won’t get very far.

There are many perspectives to view this from and what are your opinions on this?

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Alright, whoever is reporting Driving Empire has certainly gone way too far … are Robloxians this mad over loot boxes? Apparently they are.

Driving Empire is not at fault for this. They were simply providing a benifit for Premium users and just a simple way to increase player count.

And what does this group of Roblox players do in return? They have the audacity to report the game over such minor additions. I never thought everyone would be raging over loot boxes until now. I fear this will leave a huge dent in roleplay game genres, which can affect other popular games such as ER:LC, Greenville … potentially even my in-development roleplay game, Northdrift County.

For now, I wish Driving Empire all the best to put an end to this madness and baseless reporting of in-game vehicles.

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I don’t know, it’s for Robux, around :robux: 785, so rather expensive.