Is Twitter dying?

The entirety of twitter as a platform is dying.

No matter what section you’re on in Twitter it all sems to have a severe issue. Right now, Twitter is talking about shutting down, ever since the control of Elon Musk there have been major issues related to Twitter such as half of their work force being cut.

It seems Elon is making decisions on the same day without thinking about anything.

It doesn’t seem like Twitter is having much luck.

There are millions of twitters in threads such as #TwitterDown, #TwitterGone; right now, we don’t know much but it isn’t growing in the right direction.

What’s going to happen to twitter?

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Ok. So my opinion on this is ELON MUSK CAN NOT CONTAIN TWITTER. Elon has ruined all of it. With all of his businesses, he reminds me of @Jessica.

What is the point of not just waiting so you can get verified? He’s trying to make everything revolved around money. Money is not the answer. SpaceX and Tesla could die down or he might lose his rep because he’s really bad at handling a company this big. Not sure if he can handle making sure people don’t die on the moon. I wouldn’t really trust that.

For the bloxy news and stuff, I would recommend using Instagram. That’s the next closest thing to Twitter I believe. Have you heard people are rapidly quitting from Twitter because it over all became a bad company as soon as Elon owned it.

He also can’t maintain the site. So many glitches but why not just keep it all the same? Twitter was perfectly fine as it was. Twitter doesn’t really deserve to be in Elon’s hands. Do you agree?

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Personally, I have to agree.

Elon Musk is doing an extremely poor job running Twitter. I was always interested in how he founded so many companies, and now evidently he can’t even manage to run the most important social media platform that everybody uses, even official government organizations.

This could very soon turn into a large dispute — maybe even the largest — against Elon Musks’ ownership of Twitter.

He’s torturing employess to work. There’s no better word to describe how he’s running the company, and something needs to be done about this.

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If you’re British you will be aware of the topic I’m about to slide onto.
This kind of reminds me of Royal Mail, except twitter isn’t having strikes. Elon isn’t fit to run Twitter, like Simon Thompson isn’t fit to run the company everyone relies on for parcels, post and even letters.
Twitter isn’t closing down, everyone is just making a massive mess out of it, but if it does close down where is all of the RTC going to go? I use twitter to post my work, and see what other work is out there/to see how talented other developers are on the platform.

Twitter will always be there for the RTC, because we use it for our work, complaining about Roblox’s updates, and to see the annual RDC.

He could get in legal issues, when you fire that many people, especially in one sitting you need to announce it somewhere.

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