Is Voldex the Ea of Roblox?

EA is notorious for its addition to lockboxes and micro purchases inside of video games

Now let’s bring voldex into this. Voldex is a game that owns multiple high-profile games on Roblox and they even now looking to buy your Roblox game.

And they are not buying for cheap.

On their website, they state they are selling for up to 10,000,000+ USD or just doesn’t think it’s worth developing anymore that is a massive amount.

However, the many games that have been bought by Voldex have faced a lot of controversy in the past

What is the More recent issues oppose the drama around the driving Empire game, so not too long ago. This company acquired driving empire after a while. They were obviously coming to the game and most of them are well saved a lot of controversy here when they initially introduce the features of loot boxes, so this allows you to spend a amount of in game money to roll for random car controversial, and many people stated it was gambling others disagree.

However, for many a became a big deal when they started selling premium boxes, which would have to buy for £8 or 8USD in real life.

What are your opinions on this company and do you think you would sell your game to them if you could?

Please share down below.

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