Issues with the auto point promotion system

I followed all the steps and tried everything but it still won’t work.


Have you :mag: for similar issues before asking?

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First welcome!! Second off, did you watch BOTH videos needed for the system to work?

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Yes, I watched both videos.

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I have looked for issues but couldn’t find anything wrong.

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In the video, you said that I should stay logged in on my ranking bot account but I logged out after finishing everything. Could this be an issue?

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How else can I troubleshoot to find errors?

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yes it is! refind ur cookie and DO NOT logout, click the x button on ur browser.

open up a new tab on chrome…!

oh thats how it works?

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don’t you still have to eventually log out tho?

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nope! just open an incognito tab, log in, grab ur cookie (copy it) paste it into the GitHub, and then click the X button on the INCOGNITO window!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok TYSM

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no problem! lmk if it works now! :smiley:

make sure u do the heroku and github part on the NORMAL window, not incognito.

I have to redo the whole github and heroku part right?

damn it. it’s still not working (…i ran out of replies)

i believe. (it will be the more efficient way, but there is still others)

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