IXS Community - Important News - 5/31/21

Hello, IXS Community! I am here today to give you some information on our first ever group game in a Q&A format and really exciting things that will soon come to our server / Roblox group.

Group Game
Q: What is the game going to be about and what will it be called?
A: Our new game is most likely going to be a roleplay game, but different from others! As for the game name we have not decided what it should be but we are still considering some options.

If you would like to cooperate feel free to tell us on our server!

IXS Discord Community
Q: What will be added in Server Update 1.4?
A: We don’t wish to spoil it for you, but we can tell you that it will contain a new category
for our game and many more features!

Q: Will you guys have a website eventually?
A: Absolutely, yes, we are currently planning the layout, and it will contain applications, game status and other news!

Note that chaneglogs may be posted on website and/or the Cookie Forums

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