Jailbreak at IOS 15?

Hi! All of you might already know what’s a jailbreak. Well, long time ago, I had my ipad with a jailbreak. Since I updated to IOS 15 (which I regret it), jailbreak won’t work anymore. Someone who knows about jailbreaks could help me find any jailbreak that’s works for IOS 15, or could maybe teach me to go back to previous IOS versions such as iOS 14 or 13. Thanks!

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I meant jailbreaked ipad bro it was really obvious, all I was talking was about jailbreaking, none about it is about roblox, lol=??

Lol. A lot of topics here are related to Roblox, so I got confused.

I believe you can reset the entire device to return it to it’s default iOS version, but I don’t think there’s a way to go back to an older iOS version on a jailbroken device.

Hope this helps!