Jailbreak vs Mad City

Hi! People told me to write about this, so I will.

There’s many opinions about jailbreak vs mad city. I will give you some reasons of why each game is better.

Why Jailbreak is better:

  • Original Idea (Created before Mad City)
  • Good amount of players for the map (Mad City needs more players per server because a too big map)

Why Mad City is better:

  • There’s superheros and villains
  • Criminals have a safe base (Cops and heros cannot enter)
  • Can spawn vehicles for free (JB has a gamepass)

Mad City has more reasons about it’s better, but anyways I find Jailbreak better. Tell me what you think!

I think Jailbreak is better although you did point out that cops can’t enter criminal base in MadCity, but in Jailbreak once a criminal opens the door a cop can get in. I think that Jailbreak should fix this and also maybe add an anti-camping system because at Jewlrey and bank cops camp a lot and it’s really annoying. Although Jailbreak should fix these, Jailbreak is better.

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Mhm you’re right but the game also has to do with police camping so yo u have more adrenaline