JPS (JayPlayz Product Services) Argo Board

Basically I need help with the following:
I am making this smart board that on roblox can do timers< music< presentations (by image ID’s), white board and much more. It can also be touch screen. Also has booting screen and shut down screen. Also has a computer with a code that can control the big screen too.

Hi! Glad to see you on the forums.

What will the pay be?

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50-70% of the sales will be given to you

Is there an emergency pay in case that the product flops?

5k-10k if the product doesn’t sell well.

Okay, good to hear. I hope somebody finds you soon.

I would certainly purchase this! How much are you planning to sell it for?

when realsed for the licecne to sue it umm about 50 robux

I will give it a shot, if you still need this.

This is already a product, with the same name.

Exactly, Emerson ArgoBoard exists, with the EXACT SAME features. It seems like your just ripping off an existing product.