JSM SelfServ SCO V3

For those that don’t know what JSM is, here is a short explanation:
JSM is a Retail group owned by Whitehill Enterprises. It is feature rich and developed with high quality.


The highly awaited JSM SCO V3 was released on 2023-05-21T00:00:00Z, it has been in development for over a year at this point.

Why should I use JSM SCO V3?

It is feature rich, highly advanced, highly customisable and extremely realistic. There is a NCR SelfServ 90, NCR SelfServ 7350 and a Diebold Nixdorf Self-checkout (the cash and card only ones)

How can I test this?

You can join my game below:

i bet the owner was so mad when people did @AlexG when they found a minor bug-

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