KreekCraft is considering leaving the star program

For those that don’t know the star program is an exclusive program just for YouTubers and social influencers with large followings that gives you perks and features that other users may not receive.

KreekCraft has officially stated on his YouTube channel that he is “officially considering leaving the roblox star program”. This is crazy as Kreek was the first person who was ever added to the program.

This is a clear indication that their are serious issues inside of the roblox star program that need to be addressed.

If Roblox doesn’t up their game and start addressing these issues other YouTubers may follow his pursuit. I hope this is the “warning shot” to Roblox, but we’ll all see how this goes down.

I hope this doesn’t become a serious issue and for once I hate Roblox actually does listen.


KreekCraft is one of the biggest ROBLOX YouTubers ever, and he does get paid money for being a member of the star program, but based on what he is saying is a pretty good point.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I THINK he mentioned one of the reasons being how they weren’t treating RB battles like an actual competition and they were being rude to them.

But, he literally was the first one, and that is going to bring a lot of attention to the community if he does leave.

Like @cookie said, I HOPE this was a “warning shot” from KreekCraft that roblox needs to treat them and take it properly.


I believe Roblox is sunsetting the star program, which would give him a reason to leave early.


I agree however more recently it seems like they’re trying to make some sort of small comeback. But the star program has been slowing down for the last 3 years