KreekCrafts Letter

This comes straight from our man KreekCraft, so let’s dive straight into it.

Just to give a fair warning, this isn’t a happy lesson this is about how “Roblox are ruining Events”, personally I think the last good even was the lil nas x event.

According to KreekCraft:

Roblox has given us over 70 “events” this year.

That’s a crazy count, I’ve barely played any of them & I couldn’t recall any of them, maybe a few - 2 or 3 at most.

But this brings us on to a good point, events aren’t really “events” like we know them, Roblox now has “sponsorships” instead of events, these events aren’t to be fun, they’re to make Roblox money and to promote a product or thing.

RBX battles for example is one of the most well known events, fun fact - they’re not even affiliated with Roblox Events at this point in time.

This event is so big right now.

This is the opening of KreekCrafts letter. I don’t really have much insight on Roblox Staff, but if I worked for Roblox I would completely agree with this statement.

I remember spending a good 24+ hours on the roblox 2019 egghunt trying to collect all the eggs, finding new cool games & guess what, that you could consider the last egghunt to be officially hosted by Roblox.

Really disappointing & it’s crazy to believe this happened almost 4+ years ago.

Roblox also told us that we were going to get our own tools to make events, but 3 years later no updates. Still like the death of Roblox Videos.

That’s crazy, Rb Battles is currently the biggest event on Roblox & Roblox themselves are providing no funding, to think that RB Battles is bringing Roblox money & profit and they give nothing in exchange is sad to say the least.

It’s quite true. There is no way that Roblox doesn’t know about RB-Battles so there is no reason they should be ignoring it, if I were Roblox right now I would be sending an urgent message to terrabyte games asking to collaborate, any good company would do that.

Roblox hasn’t provided us with the tools to developer events, nor have they given us any funding, I hope KreekCrafts letter finds it’s way to roblox high ranks and something serious happens.

Right now this is detrimental.