Latte Develop | Big announcement

The big announcement…

Me, @HayHay and @Deleted_User13 are working on the next JSM Alternative.

What products?

We are working on these following products:


myTill is a till, but you can add our Order screens to it.


mySCO is a self check out with revolutionary features, such as:
Anti-Theft (with myEAS), Customers deciding what their mode is such as Dark and Light mode.


myEAS is like the JSM EAS, but we made it better, with added functionallities such as:
Custom beeps, Custom status colors, Able to add plugins.

When will this all be released?

We are planning on releasing sometime next year.


We cannot show any sneakpeaks right now, but keep an eye on this post and you might see some :eyes:

Made with :heart: and :coffee: by @Jessica, @HayHay and @Deleted_User13

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