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Sven, this is starting to get too much and I can’t keep quiet anymore. You’re starting to take on too many projects. Heck, what happend to

  • imoderation
  • myVIP
  • Aventar
  • Venture
  • Bloxy.js
  • Encourage
  • Fish raising you
  • Discussi
  • RedBot
  • Falco Admin
  • Atlan Boards
  • Tolv

You have a tendency to start projects then ghost or forget about them within half a week. I’ve seen no formal progress on any of the stuff I just mentioned above. All of those were your projects and you just forget/ignored them.

It’s like you figure out how to do something and you create 3 startups out of it even though you don’t have enough experience/skills to see the projects through

Not only did half of these projects not have a clear vision, like I said there was little to no progress made on any of these project so if you think people are going to continue to back any of your projects you’re gonna have to rebuild your credibility first. Because unfortunately, you have no credibility with me anymore.

Heres something you should work on:

  • Rebuilding Your credibility
  • Not shutting down your startups when you face critisism
  • Knowing what to say when
  • Not announcing a project unless you’ve started work on it
  • Paying the people who offer/work for you
  • Have a team in place before announcing your project
  • Not starting another startup when you already have one. (or in this case 12)
  • Being Respectful to others if they have constructive criticism.

These are just a few of the things I think you should work on before starting anything else.

Like I said unfortunately I cant back your projects or your credibility anymore. You’re gonna have to earn it back.

Best of luck on this and whatever you do next.


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