Layered Clothing Full Release - Now out

Hello, cookie tech community,

The full release of layered clothing is now out, if you take a peek at the Catalog you will now notice that additional subtitles have been introduced under the “Clothing” dropdown.


These 3d clothes “stretch” to your body giving the illusion of wearing proper clothes, we can see there are now brand new items on roblox such as shoes, skirts, jackets and others!

At the moment to enable layered clothing you must initiate it by setting the experience’s StaterPlayer property LoadCharacterLayeredClothing to Default.


On the official devforum post it hints that weroblox developers will be able to create our own 3d shirts.

At the time of reporting only UGC has access to sell 3d clothing on the catalog (avatar shop).

We can’t wait to see what opportunities this will provide us with.

What do you think of this update, thanks for responding in advance! :hugs:

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I’ve heard there are issues with layered clothing that makes the person wearing the items invisible to themselves.

Can’t confirm anything yet as I have not experienced this bug occur.

Well, we knew the full release would be coming sometime soon. As I’m not a big fan of layered clothing, I’m not going to make this all a massive paragraph and give my hatred opinions on this.

It is nice they have fully released layered clothing for the community because it now gives us more realistic avatars unless we have the standard blocky avatar. I do look forward to see what roblox released in the near future.

This is really great! It’s a huge step toward more avatar customization options.

I’m very curious how shoes will work, though. Might try them out sometime later today!

If it’s called ‘layered clothing,’ shouldn’t the shorts be hollow and just act as a layered clothing object? Currently, they look like solid meshes;

Screenshot 2022-04-04 4.32.16 PM

Layered Clothing goes over the roblox avatar, so it can’t be hallow as it needs to fit for everyone character/render.

When I wear shoes they just appear flat … ?

I think these may be compatible with Rthro rigs, but not R15s.

I agree with @OH20_rbLX the shorts should be hollow, but then when actually being worn they are solid.

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This is really random; ROBLOX messed up. They’re having a bit of a…color crisis.

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In addition to that, this is something I just saw, that I agree with.

That’s very true, Layered Clothing is highly hated on at the moment because of it’s design on Roblox Avatars.

I feel this will be removed sometime soon.

Layered clothing won’t be removed right away, they just introduced it. Removing it wouldn’t be such a smart move. They’re very likely keeping it forever.

It won’t be kept forever if the Roblox community keeps hating on it. Roblox have removed previous updates due to the community not liking them.

I’ve not seen a lot of negative complaints on layered clothing. If haters don’t like it, why should they bother? Roblox isn’t forcing everyone to use layered clothing.

But watch, roblox will soon force us to wear it by removing clothing off the platform.

I doubt they’ll remove clothing completely, that would effect several historical accounts such as “erik.cassel” and even the official Roblox account itself.

They can’t remove 2D clothing unless everyone is wearing 3D layered clothing, plus, it has the word “layered” for a reason … :coat:

Anyhow, we will see if they actually plan to remove 2D clothing, regardless of my high doubt.

I still don’t like the concept of layered clothing on the platform, it feels like they are ruining what Erik had for a platform, and what he has created over the years.

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In addition to this roblox may need to do some fixing up work to get this sorted out :hammer::

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