Let everyone close their own Topic

I think it would be nice if you would let Everyone Close their own Topics, He is a few reasons why:

  1. If it’s a Portfolio and you moved to a new one you could close it and link your new topic.
  2. You can close old topics that may not work anymore or the info is out of date

There are a few reasons why maybe you could do it.

If you’d like to vote on it you can below!

Do you think this would be useful?
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In response to this, you can always edit it to say “My new portfolio is now here:”, or worst case scenario contact @staff.

This isn’t a good way to approach out of date information, you should always keep the conversation open in case people want to speak about how something may not work or how something is out of date, it’s easy to make a mistake, by closing the topic we mute the voice that people may want to use.

You can’t edit a post after a month, Therefor it would not be useful.

:white_check_mark: Update - 15 minutes ago we made it that #collaboration-portfollio allows the owner has unlimited edits on the topic.


Wait, Why did you add this so no one can edit a post after 30 Days anyway?

I think it’s part of the forum software (it is open-source) to stop edit permissions after 30 days (A month), I do not know why.

**30 days after no activity.

It’s to stop people from making unnecessary repeats or preventing people from missing an important piece of information. After a post with no activity after 30 days, it’s considered dormant, meaning it can’t be edited.

Let’s say @cookie makes a post on day 1.

Now, let’s say @Boo reads it.

Now on day 50 @cookie makes an edit, keep in mind a user is not notified usually when somebody edits a post, the chance that you check the post or even notice the post edit is unlikely, therefore making a new post will allow the user to be notified about the changes.

It essentially prevents confusion & miss-communication.