Live Realtime Roblox Weather V1 - Beta

How specific can it go?
I put Reading (my town) into the script and it didn’t work? I formatted it right and put it in location.

Is there an error output?

403 forbidden.

I set it and uses my own api key with no error on spelling or stuff

This DataStore will have nothing to do with this, it doesn’t use a DataStore, looks like you have another issue, open a #scripting-support for this and we can move there.

It’s for other script blocking the output

403 is from the script

I doubt it, please open a scripting support, there would be no reason why we send 71 requests.

This look very cool I use in my game I tell my developer


Welcome back to the forums, it’s been a while, good luck!


Do they feature sandstorms?

No, there is nothing that isn’t stated.

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