Live Realtime Roblox Weather V1 - Beta


Have your roblox game match real life weather, this is a super cool system made by @Noah to emulate the current real life weather in roblox.


  • Rain (Realistic Simulation)
  • Water Drops (Realistic Simulation, simulates how hard it would be raining in real life)
  • Temperature Simulation (Realistic Simulation)
  • Supports many data units: “UK (Celsius), US (Fahrenheit), Metric”
  • Precise tracking - Put a simple location (London) or get very specific!


Here are some images of me using the system:


You may contribute to our github repository:

Keep in mind modules are not included in the github source code!



Our first initial revision after initial release: RobloxLiveWeatherV1.0.1.rbxl (50.5 KB)

Release Date: 2022-08-25T23:00:00Z


Our first initial release: RobloxLiveWeather.rbxl (52.6 KB)

Release Date: 2022-08-09T23:00:00Z


Follow our docs on guidance to set up: Realtime Roblox Weather V1.0 - Docs


Please leave suggestions down below!


Keep in mind this model is not designed for player enjoyment but for realism!


Please make sure you agree to our license.

  • The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighbouring rights, to the extent allowed by law. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. See Other Information below.

  • No attribution is required

This isn’t legal advice, please refer to the full text.

I hope you enjoy using the system!

Roblox-Weather-RealTime by Noah Haf is marked with CC0 1.0


AMAZING, can’t believe this is all free! Will for sure use!

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Tried it out - works very well!

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This looks super nice! I hope to use this soon!

is there a way to play the game

Great future. I really love it.

Thanks, @Noah!

This will certainly be an extremely handy and useful resource for several games and projects I have. Very reliable, and the graphics are impressive.

Excellent work! :star2:


Great work @Noah, you have really out done yourself with this system. This will help alot of people.


Alright, so here is a brilliant suggestion that could be added into this weather system;

  • Make use of the recent “Clouds” feature within Roblox Studio. This is a built-in feature that can be inserted into “Terrain” and the cloud density – as well as the cloud cover – can be edited.

Additionally, the clouds will move realistically, and Roblox plans to make them 3D and add customized cloud height in the future.

I highly recommend taking a look at how to make “stormy skies” with this feature and more in the official & handy documentation below! :cloud_with_rain:


That’s going to work much better then dynamic clouds module, thanks!

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Goodbye dynamic clouds modules. Hello dynamic clouds, a new release will be coming out later today.


V1.0.1beta is now out, please refer to the changelog for more info!

Updated github to v1.0.1beta: Update Server.lua by CookieHax · Pull Request #1 · CookieHax/Roblox-Weather-RealTime · GitHub

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Hey Cookie! I was wondering if you’ve thought of adding this to the system?

That system is very old, it was created in 2018 …

I’ll take a look when it was last updated… If it works, it works.

I really like how dynamic clouds came out, it adds a whole lot of variation, now stormy skies are less laggy and actually look stormy.

The last commit was around 5 months ago, maybe this is something I could consider using.

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Yep, it’s a great feature. Let’s hope it can become a true storm once Roblox actually makes the clouds 3D and adds the capability for adjustable cloud heights. :+1: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

I might use this System sometime, seems very cool!

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This could work except it seems to have an issue with clipping through parts, meaning a roof won’t work with it.

I’m extremely confused. I joined my game after setting this up and it says I’m permanently banned from it? It also produces a bunch of HTTP failed things saying that it can’t get any information (such as my rank in group)


This is 100% not realtime roblox weather.

You’ve installed something different.