Live translating: Roblox Early Feature

Roblox is experimenting with a new feature that will automatically translate messages in the chat:

What’s your opinion on this?

I personally think it could translate incorrectly and could say something offensive/inappropriate. It could also slow down the roblox chat.

Hopefully the different languages are also filtered.

If it’s successful roblox has confirmed it will roll out to all experiences.


This would be a really nice feature, because some people in a few games talk in Spanish (which I don’t understand)

It could also help in other cases, too. This is like an in-game translator :smile:

Yeh, but if it were translated bad it could result in someone saying something nasty when they didn’t even realise it and then they get in trouble for saying something bad but it was just the translator screwing up.

Is the translation thing out yet or is it still in testing?

specific games like jailbreak have it but its not fully released yet

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I don‘t thing that is a good idea! I hope you can disable this.

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Yes I agree. They need them in like adopt me and other games.

I don’t think they should disable it due to world wide languages.

However, it would cause more lag in the servers.

Yes, some lag, but not too much.

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And also I agree with you maybe in an other language words aren‘t sencored.

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I already see the millions of grammar mistakes.

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Hahaha, yess! I would love to see all the grammar mistakes

yes i cant wait to see them translate and to adn! very nice :joy: :+1:

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Hahaha yes! Cant wait

Adding on to you…

Maybe slight lag. I don’t think it would be noticeable on a **normal ** server.

On a game we’re they chat a lot very often (e.g Nova Hotels) it would lag quite a bit.

I know it’s 10 months later, however it looks like more is happening, especially with things around the translator portal.

As we know roblox is doing a lot to the creation system, such as moving from Create - Roblox to Creator Dashboard (

Once again we still face the issue of.

As we’ve seen that translators in the modern world can face a lot of issues. Here is a quick example, I translated the follow string through google translate 10 times:

Hello, this is a short piece of text about how the cookie tech forums is super great, I personally thing you should join it, remember to subscribe to the cookie tech channel.

I translate from:

English > Spanish > Chinese Mandarin > German > Hindustani > Arabic > Malay > Russian > Bengali > English

It came out with:

Hey, this is a short post about how great the Cookie Technology Forum is. Personally, I think you should join, be sure to subscribe to the Cookie Tech channel.

As you can see it’s understandable, however the discrete word changes may make a sentence completely change context & that was just from one translator, google translate.

If we use a combination of different translators we get:

Hello, This is a short text about how good the cookie technology forum is. Be sure to sign up for Cookie Tech.

Which is completely different.

Let’s see how this plays out…

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That’s not bad - translating through so many languages can definitely deform a sentence.

This was google translated all in one translator, however you it wasn’t too bad