Loading GUI when someone makes a purchase

After playing a few games like Pet Sim. X, I found out when a user makes a purchase, a loading gui shows up and then the prompt shows. When the purchase prompt is cancelled, it removes it.

So I decided to recreate this.

Using a Blur, two frames (one for the main Loading icon, another for the shop) and a LocalScript, I present my very own version of this!

Below is the GUI showcase and how to install it (if you don’t wanna see the readme)

Gui Showcase


Installation Guide
  1. Grab the model here
  2. Go to ‘My Models’ in Roblox Studio
  3. Click the model, it should be called Shop + Loading GUI Model by DavidTheDev33777
  4. Click the > and drag PurchasePrompt into Lighting and BuyPrompt in StarterGui.

…aaaaand you’re done! You can go to the Shop part of the GUI to modify the button!